Nausea is a common condition which is usually described as the disturbance in the stomach. A person who feels nausea, experiences some kind of bad feeling in his stomach or upper abdomen and he may feel like vomiting too. Unlike general patients, nausea is a common condition in pregnant women. As their body changes for the obvious reasons, they don’t feel like eating or smelling the food they love to eat before. Spices and food frying smells also make them vomit which is also defined as nausea.

Common symptoms of nausea:

  • Keep in mind that nausea is a disorder which is hard for some people to describe. Mostly when it comes to pregnant women, they can’t understand what is causing this restlessness and why they are feeling this.
  • Nausea is just another word for having any kind of uncomfortable feelings but the good news is that it doesn’t hurt at all.
  • Most pregnant women feel nausea every time they eat food or feel like vomiting.
  • It’s not associated to the eating as many people go through nausea as they smell something they don’t like.

Here are some usual causes of nausea:

  • Pregnant women feel nausea as their body is constantly changing and it’s just because as they are putting on weight and due to the pregnancy, they can’t sleep at night. This restlessness leads to experience nausea.
  • Nausea is also described as morning sickness in pregnant women in the early weeks of pregnancy and eventually this feeling vanishes on later stages.
  • Nausea is also caused as side effects of many homeopathic and herbal medications which doesn’t suit a particular person and create some kind of disturbance in his stomach which leads to nausea.
  • Those who have diabetes, usually experience nausea every time their blood sugar level falls and it disappear as soon they eat something sweet.
  • Nausea is usually caused by drinking or consuming any other drug and it’s the feeling that the person feels during hangover and as soon this part is over, nausea also vanishes.
  • Anesthesia is also kind of a drug which is given to patients before surgeries and major operations so that they don’t feel any pain. When a person from that kind of surgery awakes, he feels nauseas due to the drug he took.
  • If you are allergic to a particular food or ate something bad, this food poisoning can result into nausea. This can be treated by overcoming the allergic reaction of the food poisoning.

Cures and treatments:

There are many cures and treatments available for treating nausea but mostly it depends on the person and his symptoms. For example, if a person has nausea due to alcohol usage, he is advised to drink black coffee which has good effects on nausea where if it is happening to a pregnant woman, it’s good if she drinks cold water and saves herself from dehydration. On the other hand, when  a person feels nausea on constant basis, he or she shouldn’t eat spicy food and stick to simple and small meals for a while. A 2020 medicare supplement plan may be the answer



Eating late at night is much or a disease instead of just a habit and in scientific world, it’s called night eating syndrome. In simple words, it’s eating heavy items in the dinner or eating something late at night after getting up from 3 to 3 hours of sleep. Sometimes it’s just the routine of people who think they can’t go to sleep unless they have eaten something before go to bed even when they have the dinner 1 hour ago.

Where others suddenly get up in the middle of the night and no matter if they had a bad dream or need to go to bathroom, they think that they have to eat something or won’t be able to sleep at all so they walk to the kitchen and look for cookies, cheese sandwich or smoothie.

Main causes of this eating disorder:

As the science is getting more and deeper into the human lives and their behavior towards particular incidents or reaction regarding specific thing or incident, we have come to know that eating late at night or having night eating syndrome is actually a reaction of having work stress, depression or going through tough times in life. Sometimes we overcome this disease by exercising some simple acts where less frequently it needs us to act more serious towards ending this syndrome.

Some of you may wonder why it’s so important that we shouldn’t eat at night or immediately go to bed after having a heavy dinner, it’s because as you go to sleep, your body can’t consume all that energy that you took and as the digestive system has to do with that food, it stays in our body in form of fat and cholesterol. This means we get fat as we eat late at night or take heavy meals in dinner. As you analyze the people who got fat within few days in the past, you will come to know that they didn’t notice but they ate heavy food or too much calories at dinner and they used to go to bed immediately after finishing the dinner.

Personal treatments to cure this disorder:

It’s scientific fact that whenever you are getting fat or putting on some weight, you should look into your diet and analyze the food you are eating in breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a saying in Islamic world that one should eat in the morning like a king, in the noon as a prince and in the night as a beggar. Go to the following site to plan for 2020 and get a medicare supplement plan

 This means that when you eat more in morning or noon, you consume that energy in the routine tasks or while working in the office but you don’t do anything after eating the dinner. How many of you go out for a walk or jogging in order to help your stomach after eating the dinner? Probably not more than 10% to 15% and these are the people who don’t eat heavy food items in dinner as they know they have to work out before go to bed so they eat less and walk less. This is why the first things you are asked whenever you go to a gym to lessen your weight is that what do you eat at dinner and when you go to bed. Your health instructor will schedule number of work out routines for you but he or she will definitely ask you to eat less at night and especially avoid eating when you awake in the middle of the night.



Night blindness which is also referred to as nyctalopia is an illness or disability of not seeing things clearly at night or having blur vision in dark places. People, who are affected by night blindness, can’t see anything at night and that means the most problem they face is that they can’t drive a vehicle. A person, who has bight blindness, doesn’t have any other eye related problem in usual lives and he can see normally at day times or even at night with help of bright light.

Common symptoms of night blindness:

  • There is only one symptom of night blindness which is; having problems seeing things at night. It mostly happens at night that a person with night blindness can’t see things or people clearly or he can’t see far away objects. Usually it happens when a person goes into complete dark from a brighter place and for a second he feels he can’t see things at all but after a while he can see objects but the vision is still blurry.

Causes of night blindness:

  • When you are having problems while looking at small objects or you can’t locate far things or recognize people who are few meters away from you, it means your eyesight is weak and it’s the major cause of night blindness.
  • When you same some kind of genetic problem in your family related to eyesight or other eye related problems, there are chances that you will develop any of them and if you don’t treat it in time, it can cause night blindness.
  • Those who work in uncommon situations, develop dust particles in their retinas which usually cause night blindness.
  • If you work in an environment where you stay long hours in direct sunlight, it can cause night blindness.
  • If you are affected by usher syndrome, it may also cause night blindness to you. Usher syndrome is a common problem in which the patient has problems in both hearing and seeing. It’s kind of a genetic disease.
  • Another major cause of night blindness is the dysfunction of disorder of vitamins in your body. Usually vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness but it can be easily treated with providing enough vitamins to the body.
  • Diabetes is also a big cause of night blindness as if you are affected by both, as soon you control your diabetes, night blindness disappears automatically.

How to cure night blindness?

It starts from visiting a doctor who does some tests on your eyes and try to locate the problem. You are also asked to provide a blood sample so it’s easy to see if you have any deficiency of vitamin A and what’s your blood sugar level. If your night blindness is caused by deficiency of vitamin A, you can easily treat it by eating healthy food and temporarily using lens or glasses. If it’s genetic, there are fewer chances that it will cure and you may need to use contact lens for the rest of your life. Review the information on AARP medicare supplements



Stomach is one of the primary organs in a human body and it’s the main organ that receives processes and digests the food that we eat. Just like any other part or organ, stomach also experiences number of disease and disorders. Some of these diseases are curable at any stage and the cause behind these general disorders is usually the food we eat. There are also many disorders that can’t be treated as they are hard to diagnose on early stages such as stomach cancer. A medicare supplement plan will help with these disorders so get one

Here is the list of most common stomach disorders:

  1. Stomach bleeding:
    Stomach bleeding is a common disease happen to many people at any stage in their lives. This is a condition in which the inner walls of the stomach are sore and producing ulcer which caused rashes or wounds in it and ultimately it causes bleeding. Other than that, bleeding can be caused when you have stomach cancer too. The ulcers in the stomach are usually caused by using large amount of alcohol, particular medications and highly spicy foods.
    There are many signs and symptoms of stomach ulcers including black stool and having blood in vomit. It also pains a little while eating or after eating in some patients. The cure and treatments for stomach bleeding depend on the primary cause such as if it’s due to the ulcer, as soon it is treated, the bleeding disappears where if it’s due to the cancer, and it may include a major surgery or chemotherapy. 
  2. Gastritis:
    Gastritis is usually referred to having the inflammation in the inner part of the stomach or stomach lining. The major cause of gastritis is consumption huge amount of alcohol where it can also caused by some medications which have side effects. There are many bacteria that cause this disease and eating rotten food is also a key cause behind gastritis. If a person had a major surgery or any stomach related operation, he may develop gastritis later.
    There are many symptoms of this disease and it mainly depend on the primary cause but usually the patient feels pain in his lower abdomen, experience nausea and feels like his stomach is full with food which can cause vomiting too. There are many treatments of gastritis which usually depend on the cause such as drinking excessive amount of water, stop drinking alcohol, beverages and caffeine products. It also cures when we stop eating spicy food for a while. There are many drugs available for curing this disease which decrease the pain and help the stomach to overcome the disorder.
  3. Cancer of stomach:
    This is also referred to the gastric cancer and it can occur to any person and could affect any part of the stomach. The primary causes of stomach cancer are still unclear to the doctors and usually it’s difficult to locate the causes in a patient. Generally when a person drinks too much alcohol, smokes a lot and eats spicy food on regular basis is more likely to develop cancer as compared to others but still there are many smokers or drinkers who never have stomach cancer in their lives.
    Common symptoms include having pain in the stomach, feeling nausea, vomiting a lot and losing a lot of weight so quickly.
    Most of the time, stomach cancer is diagnosed on later stages where it’s hard to treat it. Treatment depends on each particular patient and the location of the cancer in his stomach. There are many surgeries and therapies that cure stomach cancer but chemotherapy is used on large basis.

Senior Investments: What Are the Best Investments for

Senior Investments: What Are the Best Investments for Retirement?


While timing is fundamental to investing, brilliant speculations at any age can be viable. Regardless of whether you’re in your 60s, there’s still time to procure returns on investments. The key is to realize which speculations offer points of interest and drawbacks that are good to your specific circumstance and investment portfolio. It’s essential to check on the indistinguishable financial page from your partner and plan a joint investment plan. This enables you can work toward a similar objective. An investment counsellor can help you deliberately plan which investments will in all likelihood give you the best return.

Here is a couple to consider:

1. Social Security

The Social Security program is subsidized through finance taxes gathered by representatives and organizations. However, it is exceptionally prescribed to hold on to get Social Security payouts as you’ll significantly build your monthly allowance. If you work until age 66 or older, you will increase your monthly benefits by 33 per cent or more. Age 70 is when Social Security has achieved greatest value. Here, huge numbers of seniors are working longer and waiting to claim benefits at this age.

2. 401(k)

A 401(k) is a retirement plan supported by an employer ss. It gives specialists a chance to spare and contribute a bit of their paycheck before charges are taken out. Duties are not paid until the point when the cash is pulled back from the account. Regardless of whether you’re glad for your current 401(k) circumstance or not, when you achieve 50, you ought to consider partaking in the program forcefully.

4. Traditional IRA

A conventional IRA is an approach to get tax favourable circumstances while putting something aside for retirement. Commitments you make to a customary IRA might be completely or somewhat deductible. However, it depends on your financial status.

Customary IRAs come in two varieties:

  • Deductible – A deductible IRA can bring down your tax bill by enabling you to deduct your commitments on your expense form. Basically, you get a discount on the taxes you paid before in the year.
  • Non-deductible – You can’t deduct commitments on your tax form with a non-deductible IRA.

5. Annuities

Annuities are straightforward, long-haul speculation items. In their most essential shape, you give an insurance agency an amount of cash, called a premium. It’s either in a singular amount or occasional instalments. Consequently, you may choose to get a constant flow of instalments after some time. Get a 2019 medicare advantage plan here



Dizziness is a feeling that a person experience. In this disability, a person can’t stand straight, can’t move properly and usually feels like there is a weight on his head that is preventing him from moving freely. There are not any direct caused of dizziness and most of the times, people feel it who have some kind of other dysfunction in their body including weak eyesight, ear infection, use of alcohol and staying in a position for a long time. Dizziness is felt most of the times when you try to stand or balance after a heavy lifting or exercise.

Here are some common symptoms of dizziness:

  • The most common symptom of dizziness is the lightheadedness in which a person feels like he is about to faint or even experience the starting part of blackout.
  • Feeling like you are or the environment around you is spinning is another common symptom of dizziness. It just feels like you are trying to walk after spinning for a long time on a revolving chair.
  • The disability of not being able to stand straight for long is also a symptom of dizziness.
  • Patients of dizziness can’t control their body motions and it’s impossible for them to bend over or pick something from floor.
  • Having the feeling like you are in space or swimming in water is also a symptom. In this condition, a patient feels like he is floating or the gravity isn’t that effective on him.
  • Although it doesn’t have to do anything with the bone structure, but many patients feel that they can’t keep their heads straight.

Common causes of dizziness:

Our body parts play an important role for balancing and it includes eyesight, hearing ability and bone strength. When these parts don’t function right or any of them is attacked by a disease, we experience dizziness. There are many causes of dizziness but most commonly the following factors or elements cause it.

  • Drinking or any drug usage
  • Blood pressure problem
  • Cardiac problems
  • Decrease in the thickness of blood
  • Having a side effect from some medicine
  • Deficiency of iron in the body
  • Infection in ear or any damage to the eardrum
  • Having a stroke after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time
  • Dehydration after working out for a while

How to cure/treat dizziness?

If it is caused by the dysfunction of another body part, as soon that part works properly it disappears after a while. If it is caused by alcohol or any other drug, as soon you get over the effects and the hangover is over, you don’t feel dizziness at all. Having a deficiency of iron or other vitamins in body is cured by eating healthy diet and taking care of your food. There are many medications available to control dizziness but as we have discussed earlier that it is mainly caused by dysfunction of other body parts, the medications don’t effect very well unless you treat the other problems first. Get a AARP medicare supplement plan for 2019

Best Investment Options for Senior Citizens

Best Investment Options for Senior Citizens


Leading your post-retirement life without adequate investment funds can be a significant problem. This is the reason earlier retirement planning is an absolute necessity. Regardless of restricted assets and deficient funds, you can develop your cash with the correct investments. Getting a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote is easy at

National Pension Scheme

A National Pension Scheme (NPS) is said to be a standout amongst other investment plans for retirement. This plan is supported by the Government where an individual can contribute all through his administration period all the time. After retirement, the financial specialist can pull back the contributed sum halfway or totally to satisfy his/her needs. This is an ideal plan for retirement on the grounds that an individual is allowed to put little sums in this plan. He/she can easily invest his investment funds from his/her month to month pay amid his/her administration or expert life. The investor will likewise get the advantage of the duty reasoning, and the profits will remain tax-exempt.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

To design your retirement, a Public Provident Fund (PPF) can be an extraordinary investment alternative. The financial specialist can put in some piece of his sparing into a PPF account and procure the settled intrigue benefits on it. One can put resources into this plan and can contribute any single amount sum whenever all through the work life. An individual can use the contributed sum after his retirement as it will yield better returns whether contributed for the long haul.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

As the name talks, this plan is, particularly for senior citizens. This plan is a standout amongst other retirement items that you will require post-retirement. This plan is sponsored by the Government, thusly, offers the ensured returns at lower-chance. SCSS offers you the financing rate of 9.3% and your investment remains bolted for at least 5 years.

Fixed Deposit Investment

Fixed deposit is considered a safe and hazards free investment alternative. The investment is done in a fixed deposit (FD) account. This offers you numerous advantages like higher loan costs for senior subjects, guaranteed returns, adaptable tenor and some more. The financial specialist will get guaranteed returns and can pick the investment tenor as indicated by his needs. The interest rate of a fixed deposit plot is higher than a bank account. Many leading lenders offer the financing cost around 7.85% on FD and an extra rate of 0.35% to the senior nationals which makes it a good choice for retirement planning.



Heart attack which is also referred to as the disability of working a heart in the proper way is a disease or illness in which a person’s heart suddenly stops working. This mainly caused by the blockage of a blood artery that pumps blood to the heart and most of the times, this blockage is caused by a blood clout or excessive amount of cholesterol in blood. A person having a heart attack feels severe pain in his chest and sometimes it also happens that a person can’t use his left body parts including hand, arm and leg.

Although it’s not very common but some patients also feel paralyzed in their right body parts. The main reason behind it is that there are different arteries that pump blood to the body parts and then take the blood back to the heart. When a particular artery stops working or blocked by a blood clout, it stops pumping blood to the parts of a specific side either right or left.

Common symptoms of heart attack:

Usually it depends on each patient that what kind of pains and itches he is feeling but most of the times, it’s an unbearable pain in the left side of the chest. When a person has heart attack, suddenly he feels like something is pressing heavy weight on his left side and he can’t breathe properly. But all these symptoms appear when a person is definitely has a stroke and if we talk about the common pre-attack symptoms, it includes having constant and severe headache, coughing, vomiting, always feeling sleepy, restlessness at nights and losing the ability to stand straight while walking.

Main causes of heart attack:
There are only two main causes of heart attack; high cholesterol food and less work out. When you eat food rich with calories, oil and fats, it causes increased carbohydrates in your body which eventually results into thicker blood cells. When it reaches to a certain limit, those blood cells stick together and cause blockage in a blood artery which makes it harder for the heart to suck or pump blood in blood vessels. With the second cause, not working out in proper manner, the same thing happens when you are not eating that high calories food but you spend a lot of time sitting at your work desk or couch watching television.

Common cures and ailments to treat heart attack:

Heart attack isn’t that common in teenagers and young people as even if they eat a lot of junk food, they work out enough which burns the extra calories and fats in their body. When you are above 40, you need to change your diet plan and start eating less spicy food and more green vegetables. Although it’s advised that you do some exercise on regular basis, but even if you don’t have time for that, you need to change your eating habits so that you don’t gain any extra weight. Obesity mainly causes heart attacks and it’s the result of not having a healthy diet plan. Get a quote for a 2019 Cigna supplement plan:



It’s not that common but 1 out of twenty people are fond of eating or chewing ice. Some might say that it’s only a bad habit but in medical or scientific terms, it’s an illness or sickness which is more than just a bad habit. Chewing or eating ice is something that is sometimes called as “Pica” which is chewing the things which doesn’t has any affects on the human body or more specifically it’s called “Pagophabia” which is the habit of feeling addicted to eating ice or constantly chewing ice cubes at the home or workplace.

There are many reasons of such an illness but mainly the first and most important cause of this syndrome is the deficiency of iron in the human body. Sometimes chewing ice is the result of having stress and depression related to your work or personal life which forces you to chew different things such as paper, clay or in this case, ice. Unlike a few years back, now it’s possible to find if this illness is due to a deficiency or just because of the problems in the life. Obtain information and quotes for 2020 medicare advantage plans here

As we speak to a person who is addicted to the ice, he defines that whenever he is nervous, stressed or feeling like something bad is going to happen in the life, he eats raw ice or chew ice cubes and suddenly by doing so, he feels that the stress is going away and he is relaxed. But the thing is that any kind of addiction is bad for health and it does number of damages to your body and health even if it’s related to drugs, eating junk food, chewing paper or eating ice. But one may wonder what is wrong with eating ice as it’s just freeze water and there is nothing wrong with eating water.

There is nothing wrong with the water but as we freeze it, its properties or characteristics are changed and now its ice which is different from water in a way. This is why as we look into Chinese or Japanese culture, we see that they don’t drink cold water and always serves hot boiling water to the guests because they are aware of the affects ice or cold water does to the human body.

There are number of disadvantages of eating or chewing ice such as:

  • The first and most important affect of eating ice is that it damages the teeth enamel which is the protective layer on our teeth and it prevents number of illnesses and cavities.
  • People usually suffer from pain in the teeth as they drink something cold after eating or drinking something hot. This happens as we drink cold water or beverage while having a meal or as we chew ice while we are taking tea or drinking coffee.
  • Long term chewing of ice may result into loss of teeth, teeth sensitivity or constant pain.
  • The most common reason of chewing ice is due to iron deficiency so it needs to be well taken care by a doctor or physician.
  • Constantly chewing hard ice may affect in headaches due to the stress and depression in the life.



In a healthy liver, there are many fats, proteins and enzymes which make the liver function properly but when the percentage of those fats increases, it causes many types of liver disorder. If a liver has 10-20% fats, it’s in perfect conditions but when this percentage increases, it causes fatty liver disease. There are many causes of this disease but mostly it’s caused by alcohol usage. On early stages, it’s easy to control and cure this disease but if the person is unaware of this disease for a long time, it may lead to permanent damage in the liver and at later stages; it’s very fatal and can lead to death. Visit the following site for 2019 medicare supplement plans at

There are two types of fatty liver disease:

  1. Alcoholic fatty disease:
    This is the type which affects more than other types and here in this disorder, the main cause is the overuse of alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol is not good for human body and it can cause number of diseases and disorders in the body but mostly it affects the most when it’s consumed more often and in large quantity.
    Some might wonder why this disease doesn’t affect an alcoholic for a long time but it affects some of them in the very starting of alcohol usage. Actually if a person consume alcohol for a long time but he sticks to a small amount and drink causally, it doesn’t affect that bad as compared to a person who just started drinking alcohol but using a huge amount on daily basis.
    There are some other causes of this disease such as genetic dysfunction, obesity, extra amount of iron in body and hepatitis of any kind. There are medications and treatments available to cure this disease but mostly as soon a person stops drinking alcohol, it starts curing automatically.
  2. Nonalcoholic liver disease:
    Unlike the former type, this has nothing to do with alcohol consumption and usually it affects those who either drink small amount of alcohol or don’t drink at all. This one is more fatal as it can lead to permanent liver failure and at later stages, it’s mostly incurable. In this type, liver size increases as compared to its normal size and the liver tissues are also replaced by scar cells. If it’s not diagnosed and treated on early stages, it may lead to death of the patient as his liver is damaged for permanent.
    There are no clear causes of this disease and most of the time, it doesn’t seem anything have caused this disease. In young persons and adults, it’s may caused by obesity and overweight where in older people it’s caused by high level of cholesterol, cardiac disorders and diabetes. There were some cases in which the cause of this disease was the result of side effects from a medicine. It’s also caused be genetic transfer of diseased cells into later generations if a family had this disease in their history.
    Cures and treatments:
    The cure to this disorder depends on the causes. For example, if it’s caused by obesity, it can be treated as the person decreases his weight where if it’s due to use of a medication, as soon the person stops taking it, it starts curing. If it’s caused by hepatitis, diabetes or high cholesterol level, the treatment starts by treating those diseases first.