Heart attack which is also referred to as the disability of working a heart in the proper way is a disease or illness in which a person’s heart suddenly stops working. This mainly caused by the blockage of a blood artery that pumps blood to the heart and most of the times, this blockage is caused by a blood clout or excessive amount of cholesterol in blood. A person having a heart attack feels severe pain in his chest and sometimes it also happens that a person can’t use his left body parts including hand, arm and leg.

Although it’s not very common but some patients also feel paralyzed in their right body parts. The main reason behind it is that there are different arteries that pump blood to the body parts and then take the blood back to the heart. When a particular artery stops working or blocked by a blood clout, it stops pumping blood to the parts of a specific side either right or left.

Common symptoms of heart attack:

Usually it depends on each patient that what kind of pains and itches he is feeling but most of the times, it’s an unbearable pain in the left side of the chest. When a person has heart attack, suddenly he feels like something is pressing heavy weight on his left side and he can’t breathe properly. But all these symptoms appear when a person is definitely has a stroke and if we talk about the common pre-attack symptoms, it includes having constant and severe headache, coughing, vomiting, always feeling sleepy, restlessness at nights and losing the ability to stand straight while walking.

Main causes of heart attack:
There are only two main causes of heart attack; high cholesterol food and less work out. When you eat food rich with calories, oil and fats, it causes increased carbohydrates in your body which eventually results into thicker blood cells. When it reaches to a certain limit, those blood cells stick together and cause blockage in a blood artery which makes it harder for the heart to suck or pump blood in blood vessels. With the second cause, not working out in proper manner, the same thing happens when you are not eating that high calories food but you spend a lot of time sitting at your work desk or couch watching television.

Common cures and ailments to treat heart attack:

Heart attack isn’t that common in teenagers and young people as even if they eat a lot of junk food, they work out enough which burns the extra calories and fats in their body. When you are above 40, you need to change your diet plan and start eating less spicy food and more green vegetables. Although it’s advised that you do some exercise on regular basis, but even if you don’t have time for that, you need to change your eating habits so that you don’t gain any extra weight. Obesity mainly causes heart attacks and it’s the result of not having a healthy diet plan. Get a quote for a 2019 Cigna supplement plan: https://www.medisupps.com/cigna-medicare-supplemental-insurance-2018/