Eating late at night is much or a disease instead of just a habit and in scientific world, it’s called night eating syndrome. In simple words, it’s eating heavy items in the dinner or eating something late at night after getting up from 3 to 3 hours of sleep. Sometimes it’s just the routine of people who think they can’t go to sleep unless they have eaten something before go to bed even when they have the dinner 1 hour ago.

Where others suddenly get up in the middle of the night and no matter if they had a bad dream or need to go to bathroom, they think that they have to eat something or won’t be able to sleep at all so they walk to the kitchen and look for cookies, cheese sandwich or smoothie.

Main causes of this eating disorder:

As the science is getting more and deeper into the human lives and their behavior towards particular incidents or reaction regarding specific thing or incident, we have come to know that eating late at night or having night eating syndrome is actually a reaction of having work stress, depression or going through tough times in life. Sometimes we overcome this disease by exercising some simple acts where less frequently it needs us to act more serious towards ending this syndrome.

Some of you may wonder why it’s so important that we shouldn’t eat at night or immediately go to bed after having a heavy dinner, it’s because as you go to sleep, your body can’t consume all that energy that you took and as the digestive system has to do with that food, it stays in our body in form of fat and cholesterol. This means we get fat as we eat late at night or take heavy meals in dinner. As you analyze the people who got fat within few days in the past, you will come to know that they didn’t notice but they ate heavy food or too much calories at dinner and they used to go to bed immediately after finishing the dinner.

Personal treatments to cure this disorder:

It’s scientific fact that whenever you are getting fat or putting on some weight, you should look into your diet and analyze the food you are eating in breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a saying in Islamic world that one should eat in the morning like a king, in the noon as a prince and in the night as a beggar. Go to the following site to plan for 2020 and get a medicare supplement plan

 This means that when you eat more in morning or noon, you consume that energy in the routine tasks or while working in the office but you don’t do anything after eating the dinner. How many of you go out for a walk or jogging in order to help your stomach after eating the dinner? Probably not more than 10% to 15% and these are the people who don’t eat heavy food items in dinner as they know they have to work out before go to bed so they eat less and walk less. This is why the first things you are asked whenever you go to a gym to lessen your weight is that what do you eat at dinner and when you go to bed. Your health instructor will schedule number of work out routines for you but he or she will definitely ask you to eat less at night and especially avoid eating when you awake in the middle of the night.