It’s not that common but 1 out of twenty people are fond of eating or chewing ice. Some might say that it’s only a bad habit but in medical or scientific terms, it’s an illness or sickness which is more than just a bad habit. Chewing or eating ice is something that is sometimes called as “Pica” which is chewing the things which doesn’t has any affects on the human body or more specifically it’s called “Pagophabia” which is the habit of feeling addicted to eating ice or constantly chewing ice cubes at the home or workplace.

There are many reasons of such an illness but mainly the first and most important cause of this syndrome is the deficiency of iron in the human body. Sometimes chewing ice is the result of having stress and depression related to your work or personal life which forces you to chew different things such as paper, clay or in this case, ice. Unlike a few years back, now it’s possible to find if this illness is due to a deficiency or just because of the problems in the life. Obtain information and quotes for 2020 medicare advantage plans here

As we speak to a person who is addicted to the ice, he defines that whenever he is nervous, stressed or feeling like something bad is going to happen in the life, he eats raw ice or chew ice cubes and suddenly by doing so, he feels that the stress is going away and he is relaxed. But the thing is that any kind of addiction is bad for health and it does number of damages to your body and health even if it’s related to drugs, eating junk food, chewing paper or eating ice. But one may wonder what is wrong with eating ice as it’s just freeze water and there is nothing wrong with eating water.

There is nothing wrong with the water but as we freeze it, its properties or characteristics are changed and now its ice which is different from water in a way. This is why as we look into Chinese or Japanese culture, we see that they don’t drink cold water and always serves hot boiling water to the guests because they are aware of the affects ice or cold water does to the human body.

There are number of disadvantages of eating or chewing ice such as:

  • The first and most important affect of eating ice is that it damages the teeth enamel which is the protective layer on our teeth and it prevents number of illnesses and cavities.
  • People usually suffer from pain in the teeth as they drink something cold after eating or drinking something hot. This happens as we drink cold water or beverage while having a meal or as we chew ice while we are taking tea or drinking coffee.
  • Long term chewing of ice may result into loss of teeth, teeth sensitivity or constant pain.
  • The most common reason of chewing ice is due to iron deficiency so it needs to be well taken care by a doctor or physician.
  • Constantly chewing hard ice may affect in headaches due to the stress and depression in the life.