Nausea is a common condition which is usually described as the disturbance in the stomach. A person who feels nausea, experiences some kind of bad feeling in his stomach or upper abdomen and he may feel like vomiting too. Unlike general patients, nausea is a common condition in pregnant women. As their body changes for the obvious reasons, they don’t feel like eating or smelling the food they love to eat before. Spices and food frying smells also make them vomit which is also defined as nausea.

Common symptoms of nausea:

  • Keep in mind that nausea is a disorder which is hard for some people to describe. Mostly when it comes to pregnant women, they can’t understand what is causing this restlessness and why they are feeling this.
  • Nausea is just another word for having any kind of uncomfortable feelings but the good news is that it doesn’t hurt at all.
  • Most pregnant women feel nausea every time they eat food or feel like vomiting.
  • It’s not associated to the eating as many people go through nausea as they smell something they don’t like.

Here are some usual causes of nausea:

  • Pregnant women feel nausea as their body is constantly changing and it’s just because as they are putting on weight and due to the pregnancy, they can’t sleep at night. This restlessness leads to experience nausea.
  • Nausea is also described as morning sickness in pregnant women in the early weeks of pregnancy and eventually this feeling vanishes on later stages.
  • Nausea is also caused as side effects of many homeopathic and herbal medications which doesn’t suit a particular person and create some kind of disturbance in his stomach which leads to nausea.
  • Those who have diabetes, usually experience nausea every time their blood sugar level falls and it disappear as soon they eat something sweet.
  • Nausea is usually caused by drinking or consuming any other drug and it’s the feeling that the person feels during hangover and as soon this part is over, nausea also vanishes.
  • Anesthesia is also kind of a drug which is given to patients before surgeries and major operations so that they don’t feel any pain. When a person from that kind of surgery awakes, he feels nauseas due to the drug he took.
  • If you are allergic to a particular food or ate something bad, this food poisoning can result into nausea. This can be treated by overcoming the allergic reaction of the food poisoning.

Cures and treatments:

There are many cures and treatments available for treating nausea but mostly it depends on the person and his symptoms. For example, if a person has nausea due to alcohol usage, he is advised to drink black coffee which has good effects on nausea where if it is happening to a pregnant woman, it’s good if she drinks cold water and saves herself from dehydration. On the other hand, when  a person feels nausea on constant basis, he or she shouldn’t eat spicy food and stick to simple and small meals for a while. A 2020 medicare supplement plan may be the answer