Night blindness which is also referred to as nyctalopia is an illness or disability of not seeing things clearly at night or having blur vision in dark places. People, who are affected by night blindness, can’t see anything at night and that means the most problem they face is that they can’t drive a vehicle. A person, who has bight blindness, doesn’t have any other eye related problem in usual lives and he can see normally at day times or even at night with help of bright light.

Common symptoms of night blindness:

  • There is only one symptom of night blindness which is; having problems seeing things at night. It mostly happens at night that a person with night blindness can’t see things or people clearly or he can’t see far away objects. Usually it happens when a person goes into complete dark from a brighter place and for a second he feels he can’t see things at all but after a while he can see objects but the vision is still blurry.

Causes of night blindness:

  • When you are having problems while looking at small objects or you can’t locate far things or recognize people who are few meters away from you, it means your eyesight is weak and it’s the major cause of night blindness.
  • When you same some kind of genetic problem in your family related to eyesight or other eye related problems, there are chances that you will develop any of them and if you don’t treat it in time, it can cause night blindness.
  • Those who work in uncommon situations, develop dust particles in their retinas which usually cause night blindness.
  • If you work in an environment where you stay long hours in direct sunlight, it can cause night blindness.
  • If you are affected by usher syndrome, it may also cause night blindness to you. Usher syndrome is a common problem in which the patient has problems in both hearing and seeing. It’s kind of a genetic disease.
  • Another major cause of night blindness is the dysfunction of disorder of vitamins in your body. Usually vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness but it can be easily treated with providing enough vitamins to the body.
  • Diabetes is also a big cause of night blindness as if you are affected by both, as soon you control your diabetes, night blindness disappears automatically.

How to cure night blindness?

It starts from visiting a doctor who does some tests on your eyes and try to locate the problem. You are also asked to provide a blood sample so it’s easy to see if you have any deficiency of vitamin A and what’s your blood sugar level. If your night blindness is caused by deficiency of vitamin A, you can easily treat it by eating healthy food and temporarily using lens or glasses. If it’s genetic, there are fewer chances that it will cure and you may need to use contact lens for the rest of your life. Review the information on AARP medicare supplements